Chroma Calamity

Posted: March 28, 2013 by solidjackal in Games, Mobile, Time Sink

Are you are a knight who is bored by constantly having to save some town from some monster looming over it and at any moment could destroy it? Or having boring amour to wear? Or insanely boring music to listen to? Well my (knight) friend do I have something for you. Welcome to a world where you don’t have to save, have amazing chiptune music playing (in your head) and look fabulous at the same time! Welcome to Chroma Calamity. 

Note: Being fabulous not guaranteed.

Note: I played the game on the iPad and I do not recommend doing that. It is easier to play on a device smaller than the pad. Also I got the game free from the developer, the game cost 0.99$ on the app store. So take that how you will when reading the review.

The game comes from BeeintheCar, who is an indie developer (one or two people I believe). They have released other games but this is the first one to be released on mobile devices and on the iOS. What an addictive game it is. The idea behind Calamity is simple. You are a knight just trying to survive for as long as possible by moving left, right, up and/or down. To move the knight left or right, you have two button place on the bottom of the screen one is on the left and the other is (you guessed it) on the right. To move up or down you just swipe the screen up or down. Like I said before the point of the game is to survive as long as possible by matching monsters together of the same colour which nets you gold and points. The game is a endless runner so I do not believe there is an end to the game, just survive and try and get the highest score/gold possible.

There are three basic colours of monsters, Yellow, Red and Blue (the first tier). When you match this colours together you get the lower amount of gold and points then the second tier. Then you the next tier of monsters which are created when two different coloured monsters collide together. Red+Yellow makes Orange, Red+Blue makes Purple, and finally Yellow+Blue makes Green. Last and not least you have the finally tier, the God tier. The Black Wraith which is formed when the second tier monsters collide with any other monster which is not themselves. When the Black Wraith touches you, regardless of what colour your amour is, it is instant death. So it wise to just let them pass by you but there was a few times when I cornered by them and got really angry. You will have gray amour at first but when you run into the first monster, the amour will change into that colour. Side note, even tho the game does not mention this I like to think that the reason you amour changes colour is because you are covered in their guts. Once the colour change happens you need to find another monster with the same colour collide into it and then you amour will reset to gray netting  you points and gold. If you happen to touch another monster when you are not similar colours then you will die.

Now for the gameplay, you start at the bottom of the screen and the monsters spawn at the top. If you are brave enough the closer to get to the top of the screen you will get a higher multiplier than when you are at the bottom. It is kinda of a fine balance you need to play with your position because you don’t know what is going to spawn right in front of you or how fast they will be moving. Sometimes when you have two or three monsters collide with each other the speed of the monsters will increase.  Another feature I like, after a minute or so you will go into nighttime  here monsters will spawn faster and your visibility is reduced. So far I made it to night and only be able to survive for maybe 30 secs before I got cornered or I made a small mistake and killed myself.  With all the gold you collect, you can buy weapons and other modifies to your game. I believe the bigger the weapon the more gold you are able to net when you match monsters together. There are other items like a sun shield, torch and so on to get but they are worth 15k gold or higher so it will take some time for me to grind up to those.

The music in this game is amazing, well aside from the “morning” or starting music because I heard that so many times and it got annoying. Once you hit night time the music amp up and gets intense, it is awesome. Even when you check out the tutorial, there is an awesome music you can listen to. I clicked on the tutorial a bunch of times  just to listen to that song, man I love chiptunes. It took a while for me to warm up to the game but once I started going I enjoyed the game and with the quick restart, I never really had time to think about putting the game down. Aside from the iPad digging into my palms after playing for too long, like I said in the opening it is better if you play this game on a small device so it will be easier to hold and play. I had a great time playing the game and is it worth looking into, it is really cheap game to get into. As well as burning a lot of time on the bus/train ride to or from school/work, what else are you going to do while you are on the bus? Working? HA.


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