Ranting Vol 4: Collector’s Edition

Posted: April 3, 2013 by solidjackal in Rants

I was going to rant about God of War Ascension but I felt it was not worth my time trying to waste more time on that. Instead I am going to talk about Collector’s Edition, season and online passes. The ultimate question on everyone’s mind, is it worth it? For the purpose of this rant anything above the normal game price ($59.99) will be considered in the class of Collector’s Ed. Also yes there are different names for it, ultimate, limited. Hardened and so on. In the end it all means the same thing. Bear in mind most of the prices I am going to be talking about it approximate based on what is out in the market.

Is worth it depends on the person and how much they like that franchise. For as much as I play games I only have bought two collector’s edition day one, MGS4 and recently God of war Ascension. I was pretty close to getting Assassin’s Creed 3 collector’s but I could not find one when I found out what was included in the box.  I also got the Assassin’s Creed 2 collector’s  but maybe months after it came out and for a cheaper price and the same goes for Mass Effect 3. The main reason I buy collector’s edition is because of the statues, art book and the steelbook case you get, not sure why I like it but I really want a game when they have that. The major downfall of buying a collector’s edition is that the cost ranges from 80$- 180$, it is kinda of a lot of money to put down for any gamer.

If you are buying a collector’s edition from a franchise you have played before then you a an idea of what you are going to get. If it is a new game and you are asking for 150$ then it is kinda of a stretch, the game I talking about is Defiance which is based on a TV show which is not out yet. The game comes out before the show which I find really strange, normally it is the other way round so it gives the show a chance to build a fanbase of people who will buy the game. On the other hand it means the game will be rushed to cash on the hype so this method might actually work if both are done well.  Another question you have to ask when buying collector’s edition, is that item really worth it? In the moment the answer will always be YES but take the time to think about it. How will you feel two years later when you either look at it sitting on your desk or find it hidden behind a bunch of boxes. I bring this up because of God of war 3 and most of the call of duty editions. I was really close to picking up the GOW 3 collector’s edition, majority of the items are digital items while the physical item you get is Pandora’s box. A small sized box which cannot really store a lot of things. I wont lie I would have got it but I was not able to pre-order it in time a, now thinking back on it I am glad I did not buy it because I would have had that sitting in my closet hiding behind something.

The reason why I mentioned call of duty, if you are a gamer then stand my reason to bring up the game. After Call of duty Modern Warfare 2, I believe collector’s edition have gotten out of hand. MW 2 collector’s ed. gave you working night vision goggles. As well as having two different types of editions, one costing 150$ (night goggles) and the other one for 80$. With each call of duty game after it got bigger and dumber. Then it came out of no where, passes that would try and change the game (get it?)

I am talking about Season (30$) and Online (10$) passes, they came out to battle used game sales. If you do not know what those are I will give you a run down, an online pass comes will all new games regardless if they are collector’s or not. That means if you buy the game used you will have to put down another 10$ to play multiplayer, where most people spend their majority of their time in. Next it is the season pass, if you pay the 30$ upfront then it is a promise you will get 4-5 DLC packs that come out over the year. You can choose not to buy the season pack and still can buy the pack when they come out for 15$ each. Online pass makes sense, for example Mass Effect 3. Since I got it used I have to pay another 10$ to go online to help a small part of the story. It is not required but it will help you get a better “ending” I think.

I have a little problem with season pass, if I buy the collector’s edition of the game it means I am a fan of the series. I would like to either get a discount on the pass or get it included with the collector’s ed. For example Black ops 2, if you buy the highest level collector’s ed and the season pass you are paying a total of $210 not including taxes. I think that is fairly insane. On the other side you have Battlefield 3, when the season pass was announced it cost 50$. Again that is insane because you now paid 120$ for BF 3 but they did something which Call of duty has not done and I do not think it will, bundled the game with the season pass for 50-60. Just for this reason I am more likely to pick up BF3 than Black Ops 2, even tho I know more of my friends playing Black Ops. I know people play the game a lot but why not include a discount for the pass in the collector’s ed.

After all this collector’s edition will continue to be bigger and crazier with items gamers will not need but people will still buy it. Hell I may buy it if I like the items included in the package. Also I know in the end this is a business and money needs to be made but sometimes if enough people demand it the change will happen.


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