Injustice: Gods Among Us

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NetherRealm Studio is back with another fighting game and this time is has nothing to do with Mortal Kombat. The last fighting game they made was Mortal Kombat 9 otherwise known as just Mortal Kombat. This is my first fighting game which was not Street fighter or Cell shaded like Blaze Blu or King of Fighters. Since it is based on the DC universe, you  would know how excited I am then. The game poses the ultimate question; What happens when Superman goes evil? Who is going to stop him if he does? 

When you start up the game for the first time and go into story mode (or any mode I believe), it will ask you to go into training. I suggest you do it because you learn a lot the basic moves for most of the characters as well as the supers, character powers and other advance moves. The button layout is square for light, triangle for medium, X for heavy and circle for character power. Then you have L1 to throw, R1 to interact with an object and finally pressing L2+ R2 will activate your super when the bar is full. The layout is similar to MK so people moving over from that game will fit easily into Injustice layout. After playing the game with a fighting stick, even though I managed to do the advanced moves I don’t recommend playing it that way (side note: I managed to the advanced moves out of sheer luck). I feel the game is meant to play with standard controller but the way to play a fighting game is back to you.

Leading up to the release of the game there was a mini series comic set a little bit before the events of the game. The mini series explains what had happened in the universe and why Superman had gone evil. Even if you have not read the comics the game does a decent job of filling you in to the events. Joker drugged Superman into killing Lois and his unborn baby which in turn set off a nuke destroying majority of Metropolis. Superman snaps killing joker and slowly becomes the ruler of earth, killing any hero or villain standing in his way. In normal comic book fashion, the story involves two different universes. As a comic book fan when the game is explaining the story I got a little bit disorientated as to which universe I was in but after a while I got used to it but I’m not sure how the average person will react to it.

This game is similar to MK or the bits I played of MK. Even the way the story mode is handled, which I think more fighting games should adopt in some form or another. The transition from story to game to story is amazing. In street fighter for example the only story you have is going to arcade mode choosing one character fighting through a ladder of opponents. Facing your rival closer to the top and then fighting the big bad boss. In order to understand what the story is you need to do everything again with each character. For the average player, this is a time consuming feat to do. Even for me, I still have not finished the story for most of the fighting games I have bought, because for 1) I take a lot of time and 2) the reason I buy it is to play with friends or pop online to get my ass handed to me. If you played MK then you know how the character selection goes, you follow a story line and when the times comes to fight you are given control of one of the characters on screen. This way you will never have the same character for more than two to three fights in a row.

The roster has a good mix of characters in the DC universe, 24 in total 12 “good” and 12 “evil” with four more DLC characters coming sometime in the summer. Bring the total characters

up to 28, I doubt they will add more characters but we will see.  The combat is quite fluid and exciting, mainly because of the stage you are fighting in. For one, the interactive environment hazards. There is always items you can use to smash your enemy with, help you jump over them, kick them towards or blow up in there face. Also you are never at a loss as to which items you can interact with, as there will a flashing button prompt near your health bar at the top. If it will hit the enemy or not depends on if you know what that item will do or if they are close enough to that object. Another part that will keep you on your toes is multi tiered levels. When you back your opponent into a corner, you are able to smash them into mini cutscene where they take damage as they fall into another part of the stage. The cutscene is fun to watch and does not take all that long, also when you attack your opp
Normally after you win the first round in any fighting game, the winner does a victory dance while the loser is on the ground. The screen cuts to black for a sec, you will get a prompt on-screen saying it is the next round and you starting fighting again with full health bars. Injustice does it different. Each character has two health bars, once the first bar is empty the action will slow a little bit, shock waves emits from the losing character. The winner character does a small victory pose and the action starts right back up once the “loser” is back up. Your health does not refill, it stays the same amount after you dealt the finishing blow to the other character. Even the timer picks up where it left off. This is an interesting concept which I am a big fan of, it makes you can always make a comeback to win the entire thing.onent you can see the stage react to every punch or kick as the environment around them slowly starts falling apart. Another feature I like is how the game handles “rounds”.

The story itself is quite good, even though it has been done before in the Justice League animated series, this version has a small twist in it. In JL, the entire league was behind superman and the ruled over earth. This time the team is split and/or dead. There are a total of 12 chapters for the story and it is not that intense. A few of the fights there is a small mini game before it, if you get the entire sequence right then your enemy will start with lower HP. If you fail you will start with lower HP, this means you cannot put the control down for a minute because you never know when it is going to start.

Once you have finished with the story mode there are a bunch of other modes to play Battle, S.T.A.R Labs and training. S.T.A.R Labs is a fun mode to play, there is around 100 or so, each focusing on the different heroes and a mini story line for that hero. Each fight you can earn up to three stars by completing certain challenges. The more stars you have the more story lines you can unlock for different characters. Battle is just ten fights with each fight getting harder. Just like MK, there are modifies to the Battle ladder. For example, if you have only one Health bar and you must fight almost the entire roster, your health ticks away faster and so on. Another mode to test your skills if you don’t want to head online.

Talking about online, so far I have not had any problems connecting to matches or experiencing lag during matches. Match making for now is kind of shaking now because I got matched to someone who has played 20 ish game and only lost 5 of them. Of course I got demolished but it is not the games fault it is the first week so everything will be strange. I still had fun and it will take a while for me to pick a main character to get good with him/her. Injustice does a lot of things different from other fighting games and I think I might be swayed away from the cartoonish fighter to something like MK style. It will take a while to get used to not doing quarter circle +three kicks to do an ultra move.

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