Lindsay Reviews: Elite Beat Agents

Posted: April 29, 2013 by theelindsayclarke in Games
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It’s games like Elite Beat Agents that make me go, “Good Ol’ Japan”.

I like to refer to games like Elite Beat Agents as ‘enjoyably Japanese’. It’s the kind of cliché Japanese game that’s just insane, and insanely fun. It’s simple as hell, but still has plenty of content. It’s time to use my Triforce of Power to explain the awesome-silly enjoyableness of EBA.

Plot-wise… well… I know for a fact there’s some kind of plot. It has something to do with… dancing aliens? Sure. Okay so the plot’s not really a big thing. You’re going to like or dislike the game whether or not it even has a plot. Still, how the game works is, there’s kind of an ‘episode’ for each level, with comic book-type images telling a short story. They’re cute – sometimes they’re humorous, sometimes they’re heartbreaking. They’re all enjoyable in some way. You get invested in them, and it adds a nice level of depth to the simple game.


Elite Beat Agents has a pretty fun style. Everything about it is crazy-quick and slapstick-style silly. If you enjoy that, you’ll enjoy the game. The humour’s a little all-ages-y, but I’m just going to wrack that up as cuteness, it works with the overall feel of the game more than anything else.

Gamer-friendliness is really hard to give a straight answer about. See, this will make or break the game for someone. It’s a rhythm game, but the way it’s set up – hitting the exact right spot at the exact right time, wherever it may be on the screen – takes either skill or practice. My boyfriend, for example, loves this game. He can beat it fairly easily. Me, on the other hand… well, I’ve never completed the game myself, I’ve watched him play it. It’s hard for me, and even when I try for a while to simply improve, I don’t make a lot of progress. I guess it’s just not what I’m good at. And since that’s all Elite Beat Agents is, you’re either going to rock at it and love the game, or you’re going to stink at it and slam your DS down on the table crying. I still think the game is charming and fun. I just don’t enjoy playing it as much as other people may. So whether the gameplay is good or bad isn’t really an issue, it’s whether you’re good or bad at it. Because in actuality, the concept for gameplay is an original spin on classic rhythm games, and kind of cool. But that hardly matters in the grand scheme of things.


So Elite Beat Agents, though an overall enjoyable game, isn’t something I’d recommend to just anyone. Maybe play your friend’s version and see if you’re any good at it. And if you’re enjoying it, you might as well pick it up.


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