Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge

Posted: May 8, 2013 by solidjackal in Games, PSN
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For the sake of growing as a gamer, I thought I would give another zombie game a shot. After walking dead by TellTale games, I thought maybe the zombie genre has changed and got better. So now the question is, Does Zombie Tycoon reaffirm everything I had before playing the Walking Dead? Or Does it continue to change my mind on the Zombie genre?

My stand on the whole zombie genre is clear and I do very little to hide it. But since playing the Walking Dead my stance is  starting to change. That being said, I doubt would have even picked up this game if was not offered for free to PS+ members. For that reason alone I jumped head first into this game not really knowing what I was getting myself into. I was quite surprised by how the game plays and quite challenging.

From what I can tell from the story, the zombie outbreak has happened and the world is chaos. Two factions Orville Tycoon and Archibald Brainhov, (Blue vs Green) are fighting against each other to rule over the remaining humans that are still live. The game is a RTS, instead of the standard RTS (Starcraft) where you need to build a base collect resources to build a big army which in turn will help you defeat the enemy. Instead all the units you have controlled are mapped to the face buttons, with Square and Circle controlling the main zombie units you will always have. Triangle will control either Tycoon or Brainhov driving around in a mobile spawner, which is really useful when it is planted in one spot. It has a mounted turret on it, so you do not need to leave one squad near it to protect it at all times. If any units in one of the squads die then they will spawn back where the mobile spawner is located, of course after few moments and one at a time. If the spawner HP does fall to zero then you will lose the game so you have to multi task a lot or just be mind full of the HP of the spawner. Then you have your cross button which is mapped to a “monster” unit, stronger than the normal squads you have under your control. There are four monsters in total, two for each side and each have a total of four abilities shown at the bottom left of the screen and mapped to the four direction buttons. You don’t have immediate access to the abilities, you need to level up before you can use them which does not take a lot of time to get.

There is a bunch of other special infected you can acquire by taking over a few buildings and sending a squad of zombies into them. A sport center will get you a Brawler, A dump will get you a scavenger, Hardware store will get you a Engineer, Martial Arts a Samurai, Recycling center a Cleaner and Botanical Garden a scout. Each unit has its advantages and disadvantages. It works like rock, paper, scissors so when playing online you need to know which unit you should use against your opponent. Since the units are mapped to Square and Circle there is a few drawbacks to that. You are not able to split up the group for example in the single player I needed the engineer to open two gates. One machine controls two gates but you could not have both the gates open at the same time, so instead of having one engineer squad and a brawler squad. I need two engineer squads which seemed pointed in my opinion.

Be able to zoom out and see the entire map is maybe my favorite next to “Dead rush” which I will talk about later. You are able to follow the movements of the units on ground level if you wish but if you want to feel like a commander you should zoom out by pressing L1 and look at the whole map. Each unit you control is shown on the map by the symbol they are mapped too and if you forget which unit is what, they will be shown at the bottom right of the screen. There is still fog of war so you cannot see all the enemy units till they enter your field of vision. The other ability I liked was Dead Rush, it will help you get out of tight jams depending on how many houses you have other your control but it does have a cool down so you cannot spam it whenever you want. This ability using units that you have on your side but you cannot control their actions. To gain units to use for dead rush you need to take over houses and it will spawn one unit that will attack any enemy unit that across its path. The Dead rush zombies are really helpful and if you have a lot of them then is so much fun watching them run out from the houses are attack the target you selected. Even after the task is completed, they will stick around for a while attacking other enemy units before they return back to the houses.

The missions are varying in degrees of difficult, the later ones ramps up quite a bit. To the point where I had to restart the mission a lot because the checkpoints I had would make me make the same mistakes time and time again. Like most other games now there are stars you can get in the mission, or “brains”. It is a rating system to how well you did in the mission, by finding all the hidden items, beat the game in a certain time and other such goals similar to those.  For those people looking for a perfect mission this will help with the replayability of the game. There is also a mulitplayer mode as well but I have yet to dive into it because I feel just like StarCraft 2, after the first week or so there will be people who are really good at the game. The longer you wait the less people will play to the point where only the best of the best will play online.  That being said, I did not feel the need to jump into it for any reason. Maybe if I convince a few people to buy it I might try it out then.

If you could not tell by now, I will summarize it for you. I enjoyed the game, mainly because I have not played this type of RTS before. I know it is not the first of its kind and I might have thought of picking it up if it did not include zombies but I still had fun playing with the game. It is worth looking into you are too scared to jump into the other intense RTS on the market. Who knows maybe I was wrong to group all zombie games into one group? Maybe there are a few gems hidden among them that I might like, guaranteed I will not go digging for them but things might change only time will tell.


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