Top 5 Games I Forgot About From E3

Posted: July 2, 2013 by theelindsayclarke in Games
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Because I’m a forgetful Frannie.

I’ve realised I went full derp and missed a lot of the games I was most excited for from E3. I don’t even understand what happened. So here: a list of five games I somehow forgot I’m mega-excited for that we saw at E3 (in no particular order).


Elder Scrolls Online

It’s either going to be hit or miss, playing online with other people. Surely it’ll add a whole new level of realism to the epic world of Tamriel, but I hate other people. I hate them so fucking much. I hate them when they ask me if I’ll be their girlfriend on RuneScape. I hate them when they keep killing me after I re-spawn in WoW. Depending on how Bethesda goes about making the multiplayer in this game work, it’ll either be even more incredible than Skyrim, or it’ll be even worse than the initial Final Fantasy 14. Overall, I’m excited to explore even deeper into the world of the Elder Scrolls series.



Super Smash Bros

I’m always excited for a new version of the only fighting game I’ve ever loved. Villager looks badass, MegaMan looks like a faster-moving Samus — AKA all I’ve ever wanted — and I’m actually pretty excited to see what Wii Fit Trainer has to offer. And the rumoured characters aren’t too shabby, either.



Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies

Honestly, I found certain gameplay from the trailer kind of silly-looking, but these games are amazing, and I’m not expecting to be disappointed. Seeing older/younger/changed versions of the characters in the trailer just hyped it up so much for me, too. I’ve been considering replaying the Ace Attorney franchise lately… and finally playing the Edgeworth game, and this new volume is as good an excuse as any to do so.



Wind Waker HD

I’m counting this one because I’m a Legend of Zelda fan. Bring on them slightly better graphics, Nintendo! This is already one of my favourite games of the franchise, looks-wise, so I’m definitely still stoked.



Watch Dogs

Well, who isn’t excited for Watch Dogs? It looks like it’ll be one of those changes-gaming-forever-type projects. Besides that, it looks like wicked-high-tech GTA. I honestly don’t even know what else to write about Watch Dogs; it just seems awesome in every way. It should be mind blowing, ’nuff said.



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