Lindsay Reviews: Super Meat Boy

Posted: July 15, 2013 by theelindsayclarke in Games
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Oh, Super Meat Boy

I firmly believe in the beauty in simplicity. And okay, maybe Super Meat Boy isn’t beautiful, per se, but it’s pretty fucking awesome… if not obscenely hard. There’s not a lot to this game, but that’s what works. Let me explain, as ever, with my Triforce of Power.

The plot: you’re a protagonist rescuing a lady friend from an antagonist (complete with moustache). There you go. That’s all you need to know. Now that you have that down, you have a reason to die 753485390 times trying to rescue her. Because deep down, you know she’s totally worth it. In other words, this is a game you play for the sake of maybe some day coming close to completing it. It’s not really about plot. It’s like an old school arcade game, in a lot of ways, really.

Which leads me to style. Again, with simplicity. It’s a cute (if bloody), simply-designed game that packs a powerful punch. You probably won’t take it seriously until it’s too late and you’ve hit the same saw in the same place 60 times. There’s an overall crudeness to this game that just works. Simple controls that can sometimes make it harder to play, ugly/cute designs, gross sound effects. This is a very boy-oriented game judging by design. Although anyone who loves to fail can enjoy it thoroughly. Or hate it. Whichever.

If you’re wondering why I sound so butt-hurt about Super Meat Boy, I think it’s time to move onto gamer-friendliness. There is no friendliness. I lied. It’s more like gamer mock-liness… full… ness. What I mean is that this game is hell. It’s wickedly hard. The style, the controls, the simplicity, all lead back to Super Meat Boy being terribly hard to beat, and nearly impossible to complete 100%. It’s meant to make you give up, grind your teeth and cry. That’s the fun of it. So if that doesn’t sound like fun to you, there’s no point in buying it. But for anyone who loves a challenge, and doesn’t mind breaking a couple controllers, Super Meat Boy provides hours and hours and hours and hours… and hours of entertainment.

It’s a cheap and challenging game. It’s not something you’ll beat over a weekend, and you’ll probably play it for a couple hours three or four times a month. If you do get it, I recommend watching the replays that show all your tries at once. That’s my favourite part; I laugh my ass off every time. Oh, and it’s not impossible to beat, because my boyfriend managed to do it. I never will, but I still love trying… for all of eternity.


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