Magic 2014 The Duels of the Planeswalkers

Posted: September 26, 2013 by solidjackal in Games, PSN
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 Magic is not the first Trading Card Game (TCG) I have gotten into, there was Pokemon. Although I did not really play the card game, I was just collecting them because it was cool. Yu-Gi-Oh! Was the first TCG I actually played even if it was for a short period of time. I still have some Yu-Gi-Oh! cards laying around and watched the cartoon show on a daily basis, not any more mind you. Once it go to GX that was were it lost me but more so when they started racing, dueling and synchro summoning nonsense.


Learning Magic is both simple and difficult to understand, since the TCG is 20 years old but the rules have not changed since it came out (pretty sure about that). There are five colours in Magic the Gathering, Red, Blue, Green, Black and White. Each colour has strengths and weakness in terms of monsters, spells and such. Each player has a deck or “library” of a minimum of 60 cards, your Library can contain one of the five colours or a combination of two or more. You can break the 60 card rule but it is just easier if you keep your deck close to 60 as possible. Each player starts off with 20 life points and the goal is to bring your opponent down to zero before he does it to you. In order to do that you must play monsters and in order to “summon” the monsters you have to have mana to pay the cost of the monster. You get mana by playing land cards from one of the five colours, one land card is one mana that can go into summoning monsters. Each monster has different summoning cost printed on the card, sometimes the cost will be 1 GG, 2 G. In both of those cases you need a total of three mana to summon those monsters, for 1 GG; you will need one land of any colour and two land of green. For 2 G, you will need two land of any colour and one green land.

Once you summon a monster onto the field you are not able to attack with that monster right away because it has “summoning sickness”. Kinda of a fair way of balancing the game because you don’t want your opponent to summon something really strong and then attack you without getting a chance to defend yourself somehow. Next I will talk about the power and defense of the monster, that is written at the bottom of the card. The higher the number normally then higher the mana cost is to summon the monster. X/Y is how it is displayed on the card, where X is the amount of damage the monster will do and Y is the amount of damage the monster can take before it is killed.

Unlike Yu-Gi-Oh! The creatures do not attack each other, they attack your life points. If you have a monster able to block you can choose to block the damage otherwise you can take the hit on your life points. That is the basically how you play the game, of course there are other cards, monsters with abilities but that is something you will learn as you play the game. Magic 2014 is pretty novice friendly I believe, it will show you what cards you can play and when. There is a tutorial to play when you first boot up the game.

The campaign gives you a deck to play with at the start with 60 cards and 40 more cards you can unlock for that deck alone as you win duels. Aside from putting cards that you unlock into the pre made deck there is no really customizing of the deck. This will not be an issue for people new to the game but I can see this being annoying to the people who have played the TCG for a long time. You are able to unlock more decks after you defeat the “boss” at the end of each chapter.

The main campaign is split more five chapters or “planes”, with each chapter having three encounters and one “boss” fight at the end. The encounters always play out the same way each time you play it, the AI will play the same card each time. At times, I believe it is luck drawing the right cards at the start of the game to hold your own till you are able to draw out the powerhouses of your deck. Other times you will get destroyed because you were not able to get what you needed. Those times come often and it can feel really annoying when there is little you can do against the opponent.

For the more experienced players, there is the sealed deck mode. You are give six pack to open and you have to create a deck from it. To get two slots to work it, the first slot is the tutorial so you will always get the same cards from that. The other slot is were you try your lucky, if you get crappy cards to start off you are screwed because you are not able to delete that slot and start again. If you want more slots, you have to pay $2 to unlock more. Which is crappy but the game does help you build a deck if you need help. You can use the sealed deck in a separate seal deck campaign or take it online if you choose against take people who have seal decks as well.

Magic 2014 is a good jumping off point for people who want to try playing magic without paying a lot of money into the card. The game teaches you the basics about the game and if you wish to take your skills off the control and into the card game, then you will not be totally lost. I say give it a shot if you are thinking about trying out a TCG and from experience I can say don’t get into Yu-Gi-Oh!

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