SolidJackal aka Rohan

CEO of something or another  

I started this site as place to vent but later changed my mind and though it will be better to make it a game, comic, news site instead. Basically things that I play and read that are interesting enough for me to write about.  There are plans for podcast and video content but as of now they are in limbo and will continue to be in such a state till I think it is ready to go. So for now sit back, relax and get ready to read articles that will amaze you.

SparkS aka VerryJerry

 Social Media Manager 

Like chief up there I write reviews too but on other finer things in life, like books for example. That’s not to say I don’t like to have to my fair share of gaming news. I will also be doing some updates on anything gaming(mostly on things that Rohan would never bother on)
I will also be doing some movie reviews and hopefully we should be having some podcast in the near future. Till then feel free to browse the site and any word of mouth goes a long way!

Smurfette aka Kuttysajan

I am kuttysajan. My (self-assigned) duty is to give a female perspective. Now, let me be honest here…. I’m not a gamer, neither do I read comics. I do however read…quite a lot. My interests are a bit different from that of SolidJackal and VerryJerry. I prefer female oriented fiction (often dealing with social conflict). Now, I like to think of myself as an eclectic person, so, from me you can expect anything from a game “review” to rants on social issues to maybe even makeup review (unless the boys kick me out by then).


Hi I’m Lindsay and I’m not cool enough to have an alias. I’m the newest recruit at this site. At this point in time I’ll probably be doing reviews on niche video games, but I’m a general nerd, and one never knows where that’ll take them. Books, movies, TV, games, music: they’re what I spend my time on when I should probably be out earning a living. I’m a Film Studies major with a minor in Creative Writing, and due to this I am pale and socially inept. I like to think this makes me witty and charming. It doesn’t. But I’ll keep telling myself it does. Oh, and don’t turn to me for ‘make-up reviews’. You’ll need the other female humanoid on the site for that stuff.

Thinker aka thinkben92

Hello readers, alright, at this point you might be think who in the world I am, but no worries, that is what this paragraph is all about. I am the new recruit. No seriously, SolidJackal, just asked me to join. So me being me, I dip my foot in every metaphorical pond there could be. I am a self-proclaimed gamer, I dabble in the realm of technology, I read manga (Japanese Comics, but if you don’t know about these from this site already then where have you been), and it should be a give away by my name, but in case you are on the slow side of things, I love intellectual discourse. Mainly due to the fact that I read a lot and I that am majoring in philosophy, but you will find that out as we go along. So thinks you can look forward to being posted by me is…. almost anything!

For the time being, lets just get to know each other and hey, hopefully you find something interesting here. Browse away young padawan!

Coming soon 

Maybe you can put your name here?


If you wish to contact the writers on this site please feel free to email us at reviewsofhappeningsandnews(at)gmail.com

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