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This week in Issue #6, we have Aquaman, Flash, Fairy Tail and One piece along with big news for the upcoming Weekly Reviews. We have two big comic book crossover events happening, one in DC with The Court Of Owls and in Marvel with Avengers Vs the Xmen. The court of Owls begins in Batman and Nightwing #8 and then continue with #9 in Batman, Nightwing, Red Hood, Batman & Robin, Catwoman, Birds Of Prey, Batgirl, Batwing, Batman: The Dark Knight and All star Western. I am really thinking about picking up most of those but we will see. Then you have the Avengers Vs Xmen going head to head, that will be an interesting fight and will be a good change of pace since I only review DC comics as well as the Avengers movie coming up.



Wow. What an amazing issue 5 this is going to be, we have Green Lantern (this is late by a week because I wanted to add it in here), Batman!, Batman Beyond Unlimited, Justice League and of course One piece and Fairy Tail.


Weekly Update #4

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Once again welcome to issue #4 of the weekly review, this week I am only going to be reviewing the manga that came out this week but next week a lot of more reviews of the comics for that week. This week in One piece is pretty exciting, and Fairy Tail is still the same old guild we know.


Issue #4: This week One Piece, Fairy Tail, Batwing and Action comics.This weeks comics have a few shocking reveals here and there, really worth reading before you read the reviews. Also it looks like with all the issue #7 we get the new DC logo on the comics book which was shown 2-3 months ago. It is okay not really a big fan of them.


Here is it Issue #3 and it is an exciting issues as well.

Weekly Review

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Here it is, the very first weekly review. As time goes on (and I hope I add people to this), I will add other reviews like movies, more comics and so on.

(I am starting the review fairly deep in the story line, so I will assume you know the story but if not you can read it can get caught up because I was going to writing a quick summary but decided it was too long to try and do that. I might have in the future if people want it.)

Chapter 657:

Last time the crew got a call for help on a mysterious land which was on fire. Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Robin went to the Island leaving Sanji, Nami, Brook, Franky and Chopper on the ship. While on the island called Punk Hazard, they met a dragon who started to talk to him and in turn attacked them. After Zoro sliced his head off, they found a pair of legs sticking out of the dragon head. Pulling the legs out they find out that it has no body but is still able to move and talk. While on the ship the rest of the crew was gassed and kidnapped by some unknown group.


Games is one of the many things I love, comics and manga is the other. Recently I have been reading DC’s new 52, part of the entire superhero universe being rebooted to bring in new readers (it worked on me). Out of the 52 books they release I read seven, Batman, Action, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Justice League and Batwing. So far Batman has been the best title among the Justice League (out of the heroes that I read, Wonder Woman being the only exception. It is not that I will not read the book because she is a woman, I really have no interest in her. I could say the same about Aquaman but the only reason I am reading that book is because of Geoff Johns).