Story so far

This page is going to give a short summary for the new readers who have not read the comics or manga which is reviewed on this site. Also if need be games and movies will be summarized here (only if there is two or more in the series)

The story starts off with a young boy named luffy who wants to become a pirate like the red haired pirate named Shanks. After eating a devil fruit (which turned him into a rubber man) and almost be drowned in sea Shanks saved his life, in turn losing his own arm in the process. Luffy owes to Shanks that one day he will set sail, find his own crew, find One piece and become the pirate king. Upon hearing this Shanks gives Luffy his favourite hat and makes a promise with him, to return the hat once he reaches the top of the pirate world. And this is how the story begins, Luffy on the search of a crew and ship that will take them to the grand line and find the treasure that every pirate wants to get their hands on.

 First person to enjoy the crew is Roronoa”Pirate Hunter” Zorro he is one third of the Monster Trio, he is the second strongest member of the crew and is going to become the world best swordman. The next member to join the crew is “SogeKing” Usopp, he claims to have millions of followers and wants to be a brave warrior of the sea he is also a great sniper. The third member to join was Nami, she wants to draw a map of the world and is a really good navigator (which is a good things as Zorro has no sense of direction and Luffy does not care where he goes) . The fourth member to join is “Black Leg” Sanji, the last part of the Monster Trio together with Luffy and Zorro. The three of them are always the first ones to jump into battle to face off against the best three on the other side. Sanji is the ships cook and has a really weakness for woman. The next member is Tony Tony Chopper, he is the first person aside from Luffy to have a devil fruit ability. He was original a Reindeer who ate a devil fruit turning him into part human part reindeer, he is also the ships doctor. After Chopper, comes Nico Robin the third person on the crew to have an ability, she is able to grow her limbs on anything she wants and wants to find out about the history of the world. The next member is Cyborg Franky, he is the shipwright of the crew and created the latest ship in which the crew is riding on called Thousand Sunny. The most recent member of the crew is Brook who also has a devil fruit ability, the power to come back once he dies. He is the oldest member of the crew, and he is also a living skeleton as well as being the ships musician.

And together they are know as the StrawHat Pirates. Each crew member have their own dreams that they want to fulfill and are willing to lay down their lives for Luffy because he has fought for every single of them to be part of his crew.

There is only one video I have seen to best summarize the show and the feelings behind it.


I was thinking about this for a while and it is truly hard for me to summarize Fairy Tail, the pure fact that there are a lot of characters to talk about in the guild alone when compared to One piece and I feel I cannot do it justice. So it is better if you either read the manga or watch the show, if you are too lazy to even to that then you can read the wiki pages but you will be missing out on some amazing action and fights from the series.

Saying that now is a good time to jump into the series, after a huge war with an evil guild on the Fairy Tail scared land. The best of the best were bruised and beaten but they managed to win in the end. An unexpected enemy showed up, which even the first and third masters of the guild could not face alone. Standing together the members of Fairy Tail to try one last attack but the island was destroyed. The remaining members in Fairy Tail searched for the island and its members but could not find a trace anywhere. Seven Years later, Fairy Tail is a shell of what is once was no longer was it the number one guild but instead they are looked down upon.

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