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This weeks issue of the weekly review is big! The Night is here, How is Batman going to handle the Court of Owls and its many Talons? We learn more about Dick and his connection to Talon. The war between Xmen vs the Avengers still rages on and it is starting to pick up steam, Green Arrow is trying to join the Justice League. And we also get a glimpse into the future of Batman, Superman and the Justice League in Batman Beyond Unlimited.  Because I missed last week issue, I also have Green Lantern with Hal Jordan and Sinestro’s  fight against the Indigo Tribe. I am adding scores to the reviews now!



In this issue I review the weekly Fairy Tail Manga, One piece has the week off. In comics we have, Action comics (the end of the first arc), Batwing (in gotham) and the very first Marvel comic review, Avengers vs Xmen! (as well as a few new interesting things involving this comic) stay tuned for the action!