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This week in Issue #6, we have Aquaman, Flash, Fairy Tail and One piece along with big news for the upcoming Weekly Reviews. We have two big comic book crossover events happening, one in DC with The Court Of Owls and in Marvel with Avengers Vs the Xmen. The court of Owls begins in Batman and Nightwing #8 and then continue with #9 in Batman, Nightwing, Red Hood, Batman & Robin, Catwoman, Birds Of Prey, Batgirl, Batwing, Batman: The Dark Knight and All star Western. I am really thinking about picking up most of those but we will see. Then you have the Avengers Vs Xmen going head to head, that will be an interesting fight and will be a good change of pace since I only review DC comics as well as the Avengers movie coming up.


Frank Miller

Posted: February 27, 2012 by solidjackal in Batman, Book reviews
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This is my first graphic novel review and I was thinking since I am a Batman fan and I was looking at my collection on which one I which do first and three books stood out. If you cannot tell from the title of this, I am doing a review on Frank Miller’s work on the Batman. He has also done Sin City and 300 to name some of his other works. The three books I am going to be talking about are th e start and end of Batman’s career as a crime fighter. Batman: Year one, Dark knight return and The Dark knight strikes again.