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Battle Royale

Posted: February 20, 2012 by VerryJerry in Book reviews, Novels
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One of the most underrated yet heavily engaging science fiction writers in the last decade or so would have to be Mathew Reilly. His first book was a major success, not something that many writers achieve on their first book especially since he self published the first run of 1000.

Debuted in 1996, the stand alone novel ‘Contest’ is something that delivered a Gladiator/Alien versus Predator mash-up. It was to be thrown into the big screen in the last few years but never came to as the story is still in ‘development hell.’

Frankly the book is all you really need to know because unlike other novels, Mathew Reilly wrote his stories as if he penned a script for movie(which was his actual intention he always wanted it to be a movie) hence, pretty much his books gave the feel of watching a summer blockbuster( the good ones not the Micheal Bay kind, although there is whole lot of stealth action and epic WTF moments)

Contest basically tells the story of radiologist Stephen Swain who manages to stand-off a gang attack even with no combat experience. So maybe he was lucky shot or maybe not. Things go really awry the moment he’s at home that very night, the environment changes and Swain and his 8-year-old daughter  Holly are quite literally teleported to—-New York Library…

Weird? Apparently not. Once there Swain and his daughter meet unexpected guide, an extraterrestrial being called Selexin. Turns out, as Selexin explains to a bewildered and rather tensed Swain, is that he has been chosen to represent humans(he’s a doctor!) in a battleground called the Presidian(and they picked the New York Library as the venue which is a pretty insane idea since it is a maze literally).