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Court of the owls and Talon

Posted: February 15, 2012 by solidjackal in Batman, Comics
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The Court's deadly assassin


One of the new villains introduced in the new 52, the fighting skills he has seems to be on par with the Batman. When the owls were first introduced into Batman #2 (man it feel strange from me to talk about comic issues like I have a huge collection but it is slowly growing) it was said that they were in Gotham for a long time and have bases in all of the Wayne’s building. The sheer fact that Batman did not find it or could prove they existed before this is mind blowing. Batman is know to plan ahead he is not two or three steps ahead, he is fifty steps ahead. He prepares for any possibleThe Batman or outcome as well as making sure that the battle will turn in his favour on a drop of a dime.

In the up coming issues, Bruce is putting out a call to the bat family to help him in the fight against the owls. Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, Batwing, Catwoman, the Birds of Prey, Red Robin and Redhood are going to be going up against the court of owls. It will be interesting than Jason, the Redhood is coming to Gotham to “help” Bruce against this.

In the end I hope that Talon and the court do not die off after this fight because I know it is cause chaos and rip Gotham apart. Think about this, the first time Joker went up against the Batman and failed he tried to run away. He tripped and fell on his knife, watching this Batman and Robin left him to die but a police officer arrived on right after they left and called him an ambulance. The Joker was supposed to die right then and there, but instead the editor changed his mind and deiced to tell him live. Can you imagine the Batman with the Joker? (guaranteed Gotham might have been better off but the Batman would not be who he is without the Joker)