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Time Sink

Posted: March 16, 2012 by solidjackal in Games, Time Sink
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Free 2 play is a amazing genre in gaming, especially when you have little to no money to spend on games. In this new series, I will play Free 2 play games that interest me in some way and then review it. I think Time Sink is a good name for the new series, what do you think? Tell me what games to play next as well as what you think about the name.

First up is two games, Team Fortess 2 and DC universe (both on PC). When both the games launched they were not free but in the last year they have changed their model for different reasons. Team fortess 2 went free to play because they mostly make money from the in game store where most people spend money on hats to wear for the different classes (some of which do not have any affect on stats, they only look so cool). DCUO went free to play because they were not making enough money with the monthly payment option and since it was competing with World of Warcraft, it was guaranteed to fail like most other MMO’s. DCUO as three level of an account you can have in the game, free, premium and legendary. For the free account you are only allowed two character slots and the only allowed to have $1,500 any extra from mission or sell stuff will go into a escort account (i think you will get that money if you upgrade to the other two or only legendary account). If you pay the monthly fee for  the game you will be upgraded to legendary account and get the existing and future DLC for free and have no limit on any thing. If for some reason you stop paying the account will then move down to premium for the life of the game.  Now that is done, here is my “review” of the games.


Free 2 play

Posted: March 10, 2012 by solidjackal in Free 2 play, Games
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Maybe the best words a gamer can ever here, Free 2 play. And with that this is an announcement about a series starting on the site, [I will choose a name later] .  The first two games up on the block is Team Fortess 2 and DC universe online.

On that note, a new FPS game was shown at GDC called Warface. That is kinda of a dumb name but the game is being powered by the cryteck engine. So the game looks really good, check out the trailer below