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God of War Ascension

Posted: March 17, 2013 by solidjackal in Games, PS3
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When I picked up the first God of War, I had no clue what I was getting into. Man what a hell of a ride it was, it had an ending that I believe is amazing. Since then I had picked up every GOW game day one and Ascension is no different but unlike the other games I had no idea what I was getting into, I wanted to keep my experience fresh as I did with GOW 1. It is also the first game to have a mulitplayer portion to the game. So the question now it, Did they add MP on just because everyone is doing it, making the MP feel forced in a game that did not need it?


Two endings

Posted: March 6, 2012 by solidjackal in Games
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I am going to talk about two amazing games and how they ended so there will be spoilers of the games, you have been warned. I am going to be talking about God of war 1 and Metal gear Solid 3

First a basic rundown of the two stories

Kratos. The badass character I have ever played as, the first God of war was amazing! The way the game starts off was something I have never ever seen before (I have written a short story similar to that)

In case you have no idea this is Kratos, I really think this is the best picture of him(either way you might have been really living under a rock). Okay – back to the game, as soon as you hit start you are thrown right into the action. Someone is standing on a cliff, explaining his story and then throws himself off it. Right off the bat, you know something has gone wrong and everything for this person does not end well if he is resorting to throwing himself off a cliff. The camera follows him as he is falling and just before he hits the water below, the camera cuts to black and we are sent back 2 weeks to the beginning of the story. The opening grabs you in so many ways but you will only find out in the end how so. As the story goes on we learn more about the main character Kratos, how he was tricked into killing his family by the God of War, Ares. As puishment his skin is carries the ashes of his wife and children (hence him being pale as a ghost), so he seeks revenge on Ares and goes to find the power to kill a God. Since Ares is causing a lot of problems within the Gods themselevs and the mortal, Zeus and the rest of Olympus grants Kratos help and guidance with his plan of revenge.

Naked Snake or otherwise know as Big Boss.

Here I will be talking about Metal Gear Solid 3. Do not tell the number in the title scare you off from playing this game. In the timeline of the series this is the first one. But explain the storyline of the MGS series is very long and complicated and that is not something I am going to be doing in this article (maybe somewhere down in the future). Basically Snake is sent into enemy lines to retrieve a scientist who wants to defect to the US, everything goes as planned till his mentor Boss and leader of the cobra unit defects to the Russian side and hands the leader a gun that is able to launch mini nukes. And the leader uses one of the two nukes and the whole thing is blamed on Boss, Snake’s mentor.

There will be spoilers after the break