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So there are always moments that stick with you through your entire life either it be gaming, family, friends and so on. Since this is a gaming blog I will post about gaming and comic stuff, the one moment that sticks out in my mind when someone ask me “What is your best and scariest moment when playing a game?”

First let me state, that this moment is not scary like a monster jumps out of no where but it was equally as creepy. I am talking about Metal Gear Solid 2 :Sons Of Liberty, this was my first fray into the Metal Gear game and Kojima’s mind. The part I am talking about is when you (Raiden) get caught, stripped off all your clothes and weapons and you must run around Metal Gear Arsenal trying to find your stuff. If you have played a MGS game you know about the codec call the character has with the support staff they have. Anyways, Raiden gets calls from his commanding officer saying “This is just a game, you should put the controller down and walk away.” (BTW these might not be the exact lines he said but I think I am fairly close)